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Lebanese gather to join in solidarity with Gaza

This week, the international community has witnessed countless protests demanding the halt of Israel’s ground intervention and airstrikes on Gaza, ranging from populated demonstrations in London to violent ones in Paris. On Monday, Lebanon joined these demands. Approximately 1,000 people gathered at Raouché’s Ramlet al-Bayda on Monday, holding a vigil for more than 500 Palestinians … Continue reading

With the Syrian conflict entering its third year, refugees still remain hopeful to return to their country

While stuck in yet another traffic jam in the city of Beirut, I look at the cars around me: a BMW here, a Hyundai there, a Toyota, a Range Rover, nothing out of the ordinary.  But then I pay more attention, looking closer. I spot the variety of license plate colors, the usual white and … Continue reading

Lebanese App: Making the best out of a bad situation or just plain eerie?

A new application for Android users saves Lebanese people a lot of time, effort, and stress.   I am Alive, an app created by Sandra Hassan, allows users to reassure their family and friends–you guessed it– that they are still alive. After a bomb in Haret Hreik rocked the southern suburbs of Beirut on Tuesday, Hassan … Continue reading

Cake Cutting in Lebanon

Traveling has always been one of the simple pleasures in my life. I always looked forward to visiting different places, meeting new people, and learning about the different cultures. Because of my wanderlust tendencies, I’ve decided to explore unique traditional tips from different places and cultures! In Lebanon, whether you’re turning four or 50 years old, you … Continue reading

Starting 2014 with yet Another Bomb

Time Magazine’s, “The Year in Review,” ranges from devastating events, such as the Boston Marathon bombing and the Syrian Civil War, to happy ones like the birth of Prince William and Kate’s baby.  While these events around the world range from tragic to hopeful, closer to home, it seems as though tragedies are accumulating. As people … Continue reading

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