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My name is Tamara Rasamny.  I do not support Gaza because I am Lebanese. I do not support Gaza because of the misconception that all Arabs hate Jews, so it is my expectation to side with Israel’s opposition.  I do not support Gaza because of the usual accusations that I am “anti-Semite” or “pro-Hamas” because I speak … Continue reading

Lebanese gather to join in solidarity with Gaza

This week, the international community has witnessed countless protests demanding the halt of Israel’s ground intervention and airstrikes on Gaza, ranging from populated demonstrations in London to violent ones in Paris. On Monday, Lebanon joined these demands. Approximately 1,000 people gathered at Raouché’s Ramlet al-Bayda on Monday, holding a vigil for more than 500 Palestinians … Continue reading

Latina editor uses her magazine to reach women about more than just beauty

Damarys Ocaña Perez guest of Magazine Speaker Series The pages of Latina magazine offer content for women who reflect a true mix of nationalities and cultures. “In every single section we’re trying to reflect that diversity” says Damarys Ocaña Perez, director of editorial content at Latina Media Ventures. “It starts with our staff being our audience.” Ocaña … Continue reading

With the Syrian conflict entering its third year, refugees still remain hopeful to return to their country

While stuck in yet another traffic jam in the city of Beirut, I look at the cars around me: a BMW here, a Hyundai there, a Toyota, a Range Rover, nothing out of the ordinary.  But then I pay more attention, looking closer. I spot the variety of license plate colors, the usual white and … Continue reading

SU to cut ties with Bangladeshi factories

Syracuse University plans to cut ties with all Bangladeshi merchandise producers who do not sign the Accord on Fire and Building Safety in Bangladesh by June 30. For about six months, the United Students Against Sweatshops organization at SU has pushed SU to implement the accord on licensees in Bangladesh. Last week, the USAS accomplished … Continue reading

Students stand together against Keystone XL Pipeline

The Keystone XL Pipeline has been the subject of many arguments, but last weekend on March 2, students from all over the US gathered in Washington D.C. to express their disapproval of the pipeline’s expansion. A group of Syracuse University students from Divest SU and ESF were among those in the crowd, calling for action against … Continue reading

Eleven tips you need to follow during midterms and finals week

Quiet section means quiet section.  Your little gossiping and giggling can be taken elsewhere. No amount of coffee is too much coffee. This also applies to soda and all other types of sugar high needed to get you through the night.  You’re probably going to want to buy cheap coffee though, given the four coffees … Continue reading

Ask the experts: What if military funding is decreased?

On Feb. 24, U.S. Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel proposed shrinking the military budget to its smallest size since before World War II. The Daily Orange spoke to Robert B. Murrett, the deputy director of the Institute for National Security and Counterterrorism, and Jayson Fischer, a sophomore aerospace engineering major who is also an ROTC member. … Continue reading

Lebanese App: Making the best out of a bad situation or just plain eerie?

A new application for Android users saves Lebanese people a lot of time, effort, and stress.   I am Alive, an app created by Sandra Hassan, allows users to reassure their family and friends–you guessed it– that they are still alive. After a bomb in Haret Hreik rocked the southern suburbs of Beirut on Tuesday, Hassan … Continue reading

Students, faculty comment on Speaks’ first semester as dean

Before a new chancellor joined the Syracuse University campus this spring, Michael Speaks joined SU in the fall as the new dean of the School of Architecture. Speaks became a part of the Syracuse community in July. Previously, he taught in architecture programs at Harvard University and Columbia University. Associate Dean of the School of … Continue reading

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