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Rasamny: Millennial label needs to be divided into more accurate subgroups

This was originally published in The Daily Orange.  It’s difficult to imagine any generational similarities between a college student who’s learning how to become independent and a person who is married with kids. And yet, categorizing these two different groups of people into one collective group happens often.  Actually, in my case, it usually happens … Continue reading

Ben Carter ’10 couldn’t find anyone talking about money and having fun, so he created his own show, blog and brand

Originally published on Syracuse University’s S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications website.    Newhouse grad filmed 14 episodes of personal finance show this year Ben Carter has been fascinated by money, investing and personal finance since he was a little kid. Carter, who studied advertising at the Newhouse School and graduated in 2010, has found … Continue reading

Millennials Must Work to Close Gender Gap

The millennial generation is known for its diversity, its liberal ideals and its support for same-sex marriage.  And yet gender inequality still persists among millennials in the job market. Last Wednesday, Cosmopolitan.com released the results of a survey in an article called, “5 Things Millennials Should Know About the Job Market,” where they briefly touched … Continue reading

Rasamny: Low millennial turnout rate due to lack of information

This was originally posted on The Daily Orange. While to many it may have been well known that the midterm elections took place last week, statistics are showing otherwise. Only an estimated 21.3 percent of millennials voted in the midterm elections, according to a Nov. 5 International Business Times article, which is similar to the … Continue reading

Rasamny: Snapchat should expand international video features

Originally published on The Daily Orange. During my ritual of unhealthily checking Snapchat every 20 minutes or so, I look at my screen and am disappointed that there are no new stories in my feed. As I contemplate rewatching my friends’ snapchat stories, a different story catches my eye: Dia de los Muertos, or “Day … Continue reading

Rasamny: Millennials should not wear offensive Halloween costumes

Originally published on The Daily Orange: With Halloween in just two days, people are preparing to dress up in costumes, whether its sexy, funny, or in rare cases, actually scary. But when deciding on a last-minute costume, millennials should avoid wearing a controversial outfit that will likely end up being offensive. We’ve seen these costumes … Continue reading

Rasamny: Millennials must take precautions to avoid falling victim to hackers

Originally published on The Daily Orange: Not a week goes by without news headlines declaring hackings or cybersecurity attacks of some sort. Whether these breaches include pictures of at least 200 celebrities, 100,000 pictures from  third-party Snapchat applications or the 76 million households affected by JPMorgan Chase’s recent hack, more and more of the places … Continue reading

Rasamny: Insensitive Ebola jokes on social media reinforce millennial stereotypes

Originally published on The Daily Orange: When coverage of the Ebola virus first appeared in the media, it seemed far away — 6,000 miles away, to be precise. But when the virus showed up in Dallas and received more mainstream media coverage, our generation responded to it how we would to any widely covered news … Continue reading

Delta Lambda Phi fraternity for gay, bisexual and progressive men recolonizes at SU

Originally published on The Newshouse. By Tamara Rasamny October 15, 2014 When Ivan Rosales-Robles went through the rush process during his first year at Syracuse University, he didn’t feel like the fraternities were for him.  But when Robles heard about Delta Lambda Phi, a social fraternity for gay, bisexual and progressive men, he said he … Continue reading

Rasamny: Millennials should choose careers based on passion, not money

Originally published on The Daily Orange.  All work and no play make an uninspired employee. As it turns out, only 37 percent of college graduates who received business degrees are “strongly interested in the work they do,” according to a Thursday Gallup-Purdue Index. This percentage, compared to other types of degrees, showed people who majored … Continue reading

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